Center Staffs

Main Office
Director Dr. Yu-Hui Chen
ext. 62861
Professor of Institute of Teacher Education
Secretary Mr. Ming-Shun Tsai
ext. 62866
Project Assistant Ms. Ze Yeh
ext. 62865
The MOOCs's series of courses-Financial Technology's series of courses (cooperate with National Tsing Hua University)
Teaching and Learning Section
  Section Chief Dr. Yu-Hui Chen
ext. 62861
Director of NCCU CTLD
Administrative Specialist (Ⅰ) Ms. Heng-Yi Yeh
ext. 62869
Deputy Ms. Hsin-Yin Chou      
ext. 62862
e-Learning Section
Section Chief Dr. Jihn-Fa Jan 
ext. 62850
Assistant Professor of the Department of Land Economics
Administrative Specialist (Ⅰ) Mr. Zong-Wei Yang
ext. 62176
Technician (II) Mr. To Yuan Huang
ext. 62864
Planning and Research Section Research Section
Section Chief Dr. Ming-Shiow,Lo
ext. 62405
Associate Professor of Department of Bussiness Administration
Teaching Assistant Ms. Yi-Hsuan Kuan
ext. 63473, 63503