【Workshop on application of digital tools】Moodle

【Activity Time】2020/09/01 (Tue.)

【Activity Date】2:00  p.m.~ 4:00 p.m.

【Activity Venue】Conference Room 5, 7th Floor, Administration Building

【Activity Organizer】Nccu Office of Academic Affairs Center of Teaching and Learning Development

【Registration URL】https://bre.is/6k2Dh5Cd



【Speaker Incumbent】Professor of Department of Land Economics


In this workshop, Prof. van Gasselt (Dept. of Land Economics), will share his experiences using Moodle while lecturing in class.


The Moodle platform provides a functional and flexible teaching environment; it gives teachers and the teaching assistants easy access to edit their teaching materials, to arrange their teaching activities, to update messages or events in time.  Moreover, options of modifying the page layout for each course, and applying diverse software and digital tools are also available based on the needs of the lecturers, which will also allow the students to have a more convenient access to the course materials.


We sincerely invite and  welcome you to join this workshop!



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Google Meet:meet.google.com/wfe-twyw-uzo