【112-2 EMI TA工作坊】EMI TA交流分享小聚 EMI TA Lunch Gathering

歡迎英語授課/EMI 課程TA,一起來聊聊擔任英語授課/EMI TA遇到的大小事


時間:113/5/28 (二) 12:20 - 13:30



*活動尾聲將有EMI TA培訓介紹,歡迎有志成為EMI TA的同學們一起參加!


Come meet and chat with fellow TAs about the ups and downs of being a TA in an English-taught course/EMI course

Registration link: https://reurl.cc/WxX1Yx

Date and Time: Tuesday 12:20 - 13:30, May 28 ,2024

Location: Alumni Service Center Meeting Room (Meal provided)

During the event, each participant will have 3-5 minutes to share about their experience with English-taught/EMI courses and their TA experience, and all participants are welcomed to give feedback and exchange thoughts with each other.

*This event includes a brief introduction to EMI TA training program. Please join us if you want to know more about EMI TA!