The Purpose

In 2005, National Chengchi University started the process of restructuring all available academic resources to improve its learning and teaching environment. On January 1st, 2007, The Center for Teaching and Learning Development was established to support the “Excellent Teaching and Productive Research” initiative and to encourage the overall excellence of learning.

The Center takes an active role in improving the quality of teaching and learning, enhancing teaching effectiveness as well as cultivating skilled teaching staffs. Our goal is to improve teaching quality, enrich teaching resources, promote the development of teaching professionals, encourage the perfection and creativity in teaching, and to provide students with consulting services to help them develop their academic interests and learning capability.

Build highly-connected teaching network:
Bridge researches, courses, teaching development team and activities in order to form a goal-oriented teaching mechanism.
Establish a high quality incubator:
Emphasize the training of teaching assistants (TA) and PhD students in perfecting teaching skills in becoming professional instructors for systematic teaching development.
Assemble academic communities to develop interdisciplinary courses:
Integrate various academic communities, colleges and scholars for interdisciplinary studies and to integrate professional specialties in a wide range of academic fields.
Provide innovative teaching resources:
Introduce the latest teaching trends nationwide and worldwide, provide multi-faceted teaching resources.